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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, violent road rage leads to a brutal beating so severe witnesses thought the victim might die. >> and now an exec is accused of taking that too far. >> it happened in mill valley. >> nick smith is there live tonight with the story. nick? >> reporter: dan, carolyn, good evening. mill valley police tell me that last wednesday's assault is still part of an active investigation. they say several witnesses called 911 begging police to get to the scene because the beating that that 40-year-old tech was putting on the victim was so severe they feared for his life. >> there needs to be some sort of better system, better bike lanes. >> reporter: he's talking about
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this stretch of the avenue where narrow lanes make it deaf for vehicles and cyclists it share the road. >> i think that there should be, like, bike lanes. and they should be huge. and we should be protected. >> reporter: mill valley police tell me they arrested 40 year old jeffrey in this video. he got off his bike and beat the 55-year-old driver of a pickup truck so severely witnesses could only watch if stunned disbelief. cops arrived to find a man covered in blood. smock was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. i'm trying to reach mr. smock. we tried to reach mr. smock but were told that he wasn't home and our calls were not returned. a friend of the victim says the victim is home from the hospital
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and recovering from his injuries. mill valley police are asking that anyone who witnessed the fight or captured video to call police. one americperson is sick af elderly man plunged into an ice cream parlor. a 73-year-old woman died. witnesses say it looks like the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. he was not hurt and is cooperating with police. we're learning more about the bay yare teen who stowed away on that flight to hawaii. he is still in the hospital in hawaii. his father has not been able to visit him. we're live outside the family's mosque with the latest. >> reporter: the boy's father who lives here in santa clara and his mother who is at a refugee camp in ethiopia both apparently want to reunite with
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the boy. according to our partners at the san jose mercury news, the father was here earlier and wants to reunite with the son to bring him home but can't afford to yet until his son is released. now i spoke with a relative who's been in contact with the boy's mother in ethiopia. he says that she has been very emotional, and she understands why her son got into that wheel well of that hawaiian airlines plane and tried to come see her. now she says she's worried about yaya and her other children. they've been living at the santa clara home with their father and stepmother along with six other children. the father and stepmother have the six other kids together. now the mom claims that the dad actually brought her children to california without her knowledge. the mother tells this relative that she wants full custody of her three kids, and speaking
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with that relative tonight, he told me that she has already started the process of trying to get sponsorship so she can come here and be with her kids. parts of the bay area soaked today by heavy rainfall. students at cal had to run to class to keep from getting too wet. even those with umbrellas had a hard time staying dry. at lake merced, they had to play through some very soggy conditions, not what they expected. and it wasn't just rain, but some hail reported on the course. some golfers were delayed until the weather cleared up. these pictures were sent in showing small chunks of ice pelting the city. >> in the cierra, there will be a fresh layer of snow. another inch is expected this weekend. right now chains are required in
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parts of i-80. >> they appear to be pretty clear skies now. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. activity is starting to come down a little bit. you'll notice there's a lot less green on the screen. we're still tracking some showers. it was a pretty good downpour in the east bay. that is all winding down. still a few light returns around fremont and dublin. here are your rainfall totals. about a quarter of an inch in san francisco. .24, san jose. look at concord. they picked up .68 of an inch. we do have another system coming in this weekend. i'll let you know if it will impact your plans or if you'll
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be able to get through the weekend for the most part with dry weather. >> you can track the next round of rain at any time with the app at dozens of cars vandalized and some houses hit in several different neighborhoods. we're live in antioch tonight. some of this is pretty bad. >> reporter: yeah, and a lot of angry residents in this part of antioch tonight, especially those who couldn't replace their windshields and windows in time. it's been raining heavily and their property has gotten wet. this is what a lot of antioch residents were doing after 33 windows were smashed out. >> i saw at least five cars were
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broken. >> reporter: it happened in the southeast part of antioch where police say the vandals used large river rocks to break windows. but some think they used a number of objects. >> yeah, you can see the line is the head of the bat and the line goes down. >> reporter: there were several similar broken windows. this man's deductible is $500. which means he's paying this new $190 windshield out of his pocket. this windshield repair crew say it is row placed six windshields today. police don't have any suspect descriptions, but this witness says she saw and heard it happen. >> 2:00 this morning, heard three loud bangs, and then i saw the car next to the truck. and i heard someone saying hurry up, get in the car, and they drove off. >> reporter: she also got a vehicle description. >> dark gray toyota or honda. >> reporter: they are asking
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homeowners to check their security cameras to see if they caught the suspects on video. a man is being hailed as a hero. he had just landed at oakland international airport, he was riding the shuttle when he saw an overturned car. the 94-year-old driver and his passenger. the driver was cut badly. the man took off his shirt and used it to staunch the bleeding. we spoke to the man from his boise home. >> we think these guys made it to the hospital and are getting treatment. that made my day. that was the best thing i accomplished yesterday. >> it was quite an accomplishment. after that, he got on bart to san francisco, stopped to buy a new dress shirt before heading to his business meeting. >> that's incredible. drivers will go to great
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lengths to avoid a ticket even when there is photo evidence of the crime. >> some people are trying to beat the system. >> drivers are doing some strange things to fool red light cameras. some are ingenious, others illegal, but all of this whole thing could change. some local cities are thinking twice about using those cameras at all. >> plus imagine never having to wash your car again. the new breakthrough that may have you throwing out that old hose and bucket for good. and the clerks at this convenience store found themselves in a hairy situation, a robbery straight out of a horror movie. here's a taste of what we have tonight. [ speaking in
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red light cameras are coming under increased scrutiny about their effectiveness and reliability. >> some cities have already abandoned these controversial programs. >> now people are coming up with unusual ways to beat the cameras. >> this is interesting. san rafael and other towns are stopping their camera program. shari recalls the moment she drove her vehicle through the intersection on howard and ninth in san francisco on october 23rd. she says her car had just
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entered the intersection when she saw the flash of one of the red light cameras and knew she would get a ticket. >> it doesn't mean that the technology was reliable or that i actually had crossed the limit line prior to the light turning yellow, and it doesn't mean that i was driving the vehicle at that time. >> shari happens to be a defense attorney who takes quite a lot of traffic cases. andrew knows a lot about red light cameras too. he's the photo enforcement manger at the south san francisco police department. >> i'm able to see the wheels turning, the brake lights, and the photos are very high quality, too. i can see, you know, distinguishable traits on each face. >> this is a video from various red light cameras of violators getting into accidents across the country. it's from american traffic solutions, a major red light camera provider in the united states. as you can see, the cameras can capture quite a lot.
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this month, the south san francisco city council voted to not use them after they expire in august. not all evidence from red light cameras is clear. these are photos captured by the red light camera in shari's case. >> you cannot identify the driver. it's either a man or a woman. it was incredibly blurry. >> a judge dismissed the case, and shari won't have to pay the $500 fine. shari's case was fairly straightforward. but some motorists will go to, treatment measures to beat a red light ticket. >> i have a guy that comes through as a people in and puts his hands up off the wheel, paints his face as a people in. >> others have resorted to trekry. we found this ad in popular science magazine. it promises to obscure part of your license plate from red
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light cameras. these are illegal in california. still, we were curious to see if these really work. this is what the photo plate cover looks like installed. you can see directly on you can read the numbers just fine. but if the camera's over there, those numbers are blurred. it would be tough to get a ticket from a red light camera with this. we decided to put the photo plate to the test. we set up a camera atop one of our live trucks using spegs specifications provided to us by the san francisco agency. we drove by the camera to see what it could capture. it could make out everything in the license plate except the last digit. the folks said they considered our test a success. at least one letter will always be covered and police agencies are not supposed to guess. it's illegal to use those in
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california. violators can get a ticket and have to pay an administrative fine of about $25. retailers that sell them can be nailed for $250 for every one they sell. >> that should be illegal everywhere. well, keeping your car clean is a hassle. what if you never had to wash it? that is the idea behind nissan's new self-cleaning paint. it's said to repel dirt and mud. it's undergoing tests right now. no word on when it will be available for the next car that you buy. authorities in florida are working to unmask an unusual robber. he pulled a gun on a gas station clerk while wearing a werewolf mask. despite his appearance and possession of a handgun one witness did not seem too concerned if you can believe it. >> i guess you can't help but laugh when you see a werewolf.
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all the rain did make for some beautiful rainbows. >> here's one that was sent to us. we love the shot. >> and our meteorologist is here tracking live 7 doppler hd. >> this storm that moved through, a memorable one. the next one, you'll probably easily forget. right now, doppler 7 hd tracking a few showers in the east bay. fremont, millipedes area. in look at heavenly, and the snow has been piling up. some of the resorts reporting over a foot of snow. squaw, alpine meadows, kirkwood to be specific. and they're all open until
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sunday, this upcoming weekend. if you're going to get up there and enjoy some good skiing, it's going to be a nice one. visibility is good right now. temperature is in the 50s. oak land, gilroy, you're dropping down. the camera looking at a few clouds behind the trans-america pyramid. temperatures are dropping and getting chilly behind this system. 46 in petaluma. and from our tower camera, not wet out there in san francisco. partly cloudy for your saturday. light rain arrives late tomorrow night. there's a major warmup coming later next week. it probably made for a rough commute for you this morning. we've been seeing showers tonight. it's all going to dry out. a break is coming for tomorrow. and late tomorrow night we'll
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see some light rain with this system, but this is not going to produce very much. as a matter of fact it's going to be extremely light and most will come through while you are sleeping. the rain is barely getting into the north bay. in the wee hours of sunday morning showers go through with this front, and by 7:00, 8:00, it's all done. by the time you wake up, you probably will notice the sun shining and if you step out to get the newspaper you might notice wet roads. tomorrow a chilly morning. we are looking at breezy one up along the coast. upper 50s to mid-60s. a look at the seven day forecast bringing in the chance of some early sunday morning shower, and then get ready for some summer heat. temperatures are going up beginning on monday. and they continue to climb. low 90s by midweek. numbers start to fall by thursday, friday. could see some fire concerns by midweek. let's turn our attention now
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to the giants. >> yeah. larry beil is here. >> very quick game unlike the a's, went for four hours. giants sending a message to the indians, and they sent it via
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good evening. the giants made two key acquisitio acquisitions, tim hudson and mike morse. that's a good bobble head. hunter pence, angel pagan scoring. and in the fourth, here it comes
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and there it goes for michael morse. he's sixth of the year. 4-1 giants, and that was plenty for tim hudson, struck out five. you'll get nothing and like it. giants win, 5-1. baby's first, no, don't eat that! that's not edible. jed lowrie unhappy after being plunged by the astros. you hit me and i hit you. astros tie it up with four of their own in the fourth. two of them here. josh donaldson airmailing. tied 5-5 in the ninth. bases loaded. derrick barton. knocks it down but can't make a play. and another miss cue in the outfield by springer. craig gentry scores. emptied the bases. the a's were up for seven in the
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ninth in a game that went more than four hours. 22 runs in two games. the warriors are talking lineup changes.
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kmart. where members always get more. down two games to one, mark jackson says he may change his starting lineup for sunday. clearly not happy with the defense. griffin dominating. if jackson's looking for action and intensity, might start green. not afraid to give the foul.
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despite poor shooting, the warrior cos easily be up 2-1 in this series. >> when you think about us not making shots throughout this series yet, we still had an opportunity to win the game last night. so i don't want to lose sight of the fact it's first team to win four. >> you can watch it at 12:30 right here on abc 7. and a crazy scene on the pga tour in new orleans. james driscoll trying to finish his round. the ball lands next to the gator. his partner grabs the rake and goes get out of here, gator, into the lake. who does this? they lucky they didn't under up as lunch. then he hits the shot. >> you're risking a two-limb
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here's a look at your wake up weather. your saturday morning is going to start out on the chilly side, so make sure to bundle up. we will be tracking the upcoming system starting at 5:00. >> more rain coming. that is our report. thank you for being here. >> abc 7 news continues online, on twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> but right now on jimmy kimmel, actor seth mcfarland.
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enjoy. >> have a terrific weekend. >> good night. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- seth macfarlane. from "transcendence," paul bettany. and music from sam smith. with cleto and the cleotones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for -- for


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